Just outside of Liskeard, Menheniot has the feel of a village that modern life has passed by, though it is in fact on the main Cornish train line, the station being just outside of the village proper. Some beautifully simple Alms houses line one of the streets and a war memorial in the form of a Celtic cross stands in the centre of the village. The church here, dedicated to St Lalluwy, was built in the 13th century. The tower still survives from that period, though the spire and the rest of the church are a couple of hundred years younger. Decent pub grub is available at the White Hart.

The area around Menheniot has been exploited for quality slate for many years, and it experienced a degree of industrial boom here in the 1800s on the discovery of lead. Some vestiges of the mining can still be seen, but the surrounding area is now purely devoted to agriculture.